Articles & Thoughts-Raise Your Voice in 2018

Despite what a recent L.A.Times’ op-ed article called “naive cynicism” which many people, particularly those under 25, are feeling,  one voice does make a difference.
One voice became the many voices of the Women’s March in 2017.
One voice became the many voices of #MeToo and Time’sUp.
One voice became the many voices which have led to the decisions not to run again of Orin Hatch, Darryl Issa, and Ed Royce. The latter two have been California Republicans in Congress since 2000 and 1992, respectively.
The impossible- the opportunity to replace Issa and Royce, Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama, the calling-out and subsequent resigning or firing of powerful men in politics, entertainment, technology, the fall of Steve Bannon(!)-became the improbable became the possible.
The courage to raise one voice gives others the courage to raise their’s and expands the possible: more women running for office; more scientists running for office;  more states standing up to Trump’s roll-back of environmental,health care  and immigration protections; more people seeing the Emperor has no clothes.
Will you raise your voice in 2018?