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Speak Up; Act Up; Act Out- Upcoming Resistance Events

Did you know that Puerto Rico is in the ocean?! Let Trump and Congress know that the island’s U.S. CITIZENS need help NOW!

Trump’s “tax plan” will shaft Californian’s by eliminating our ability to deduct state taxes from our income AND reducing or eliminating the mortgage interest deduction. These two ideas unfairly target California and other blue states. SPEAK UP !

Trump and Company have called for drastic reductions in the funding of the Coast Guard AND NOAA(National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration). Both of these were critically essential during Harvey, Irma, Maria, etc…. Let your Congressional representatives know that funding should not be cut from these important entities !

Write and call members of Congress regarding flood insurance; flood/storm relief;rescinding DACA; exiting NAFTA(although this would negatively impact Trump’s base, ummmm…).

GET INVOLVED: Help with voter registration! Did you know that students who are 16 or 17 are eligible to pre-register to vote at age 18!  You can help with DGR’s upcoming registration campaign. Stay tuned for more details !

Women’s March convention coming to Detroit, October 27-29. Go to Eventbrite for more information!