Kudos and Kondemnations

Kudos to-

Seth Myer. Although his most stinging jokes regarding sexual harassers in the entertainment industry  fell flat at the Golden Globes, he  was brave enough to say them AND they were on point.

the TimesUp women who recognized their money and privilege meant it was somewhat easier for them to stand up against sexual harassment in their industry(If it had been easy, the movement would have started long before now). Their legal defense fund to help  women of lesser means  pursue legal remedies against their harassers  has raised over 15 million dollars, and counting, in less than a week. The fund will help women across the country and the world.

the men at the Golden Globes who supported their peers, female and male, let’s remember,  by standing up and against harassment. So, yes,they normally wear black to awards’ shows and,maybe, should have chosen another color to signify their support, but they made an effort and, mostly, good-naturedly took the pointed comments of presenters.

Oprah Winfrey for an inspiring and moving speech( a possible run for the presidency? That’s a different conversation).

Kondemations- to all those who have perpetrated sexual harassment,abuse and assault, leaving lasting emotional scars on their victims. Those who are guilty of such behavior should all be looking for their day of reckoning  to come. The curtains are being pulled aside; the dominoes are falling; and society is becoming aware of the pervasiveness of this atrocious behavior. EVERYONE knows someone who has suffered from such an invasion; most women will attest that it has been omnipresent in their lives. Support your mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters,daughters,cousins, aunts, grandmothers, neighbors,co-workers and friends by SPEAKING UP when you see or hear inappropriate behavior!