Kudos,Kondemnations and Important Words

Kudos to- Fed-Ex, Delta Airlines, Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods for their stance on gun regulation.  Fed-Ex and Delta dropped their group discounts for NRA members(did any other group get those discounts , by the way?); Walmart and Dick’s are raising age limit for purchase of rifles, including assault rifles, and changing the ammunition and equipment sold. Dick’s will no longer sell AR-15’s after they discovered the Florida shooter had recently purchased a rifle from one of their stores.   Please support these courageous companies with a call, email, or postcard and your business.


Kondemations-  to the spineless, gutless, conscienceless members of Congress, state governors and legislators, and the Administration for failing to put the safety and lives of ALL citizens before the money and political “blackmail” of the NRA and those who see any attempt at sensible, responsible gun regulation as a personal attack on their gun ownership.  As noted in a recent op-ed, EVERY recent shooter had LEGALLY purchased the weapons and ammunition used to murder hundreds of our fellows. The arguments that “only criminals will have guns” and the ridiculous “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people” wither in the faces of the 14 students murdered in Florida.

Talking Points:   Words matter. When talking about victims of mass shootings, it is important to use the word MURDER/ED.  People are KILLED by natural disasters and car crashes; people DIE from disease, old age and accidents of all sorts.   Victims of mass shootings are MURDERED by a HUMAN using a GUN/S.