Kudos and Kondemnations

Kudos- to the brave women and men who are speaking out against sexual harassment, abuse and assault by sharing their painful experiences.  We can support them by believing them and avoiding victim blaming.

to performer DRAKE, for calling out a man in his concert audience who was groping women.

Kommendations- to all those who have perpetrated sexual harassment,abuse and assault, leaving lasting emotional scars on their victims. Those who are guilty of such behavior should all be looking for their day of reckoning  to come. The curtains are being pulled aside; the dominoes are falling; and society is becoming aware of the pervasiveness of this atrocious behavior. EVERYONE knows someone who has suffered from such an invasion; most women will attest that it has been omnipresent in their lives. Support your mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters,daughters,cousins, aunts, grandmothers, neighbors,co-workers and friends by SPEAKING UP when you see or hear inappropriate behavior!