Kudos and Kondemnations

Kudos:  To people from around the nation who have donated their time, brought their boats and opened their wallets for the people of Texas.

For the departure of Steve Cannon and Sebastian Gorka. Now Miller needs to go.

Head of Homeland Security for insisting no Border Patrol or ICE action will be taken as these two groups rescue victims of Hurricane Harvey.

To the Muller investigators for their deep and thorough digging which is revealing emails, text messages, and Manafort’s phone notes on the Russian meetings.


Send a thank-you note or  make a call to our elected officials who are acting FOR the people !


The pardoning of racist, former Arizona, Maricopa County sheriff,Joe Arpaio before he was even sentenced. Most pundits see this as a message to those involved in the Russian investigation that the Donald will take care of them when needed.  The good news?  Once pardoned, an individual can not refuse to testify under the 5th Amendment(unless it opens them up to a different charge), and they are still vulnerable for any violation of state laws.

The head of Homeland Security for the way he callously stated that illegal immigrants will receive no post-Harvey assistance. While we may agree/disagree with the position, he didn’t need to state it how and when he did; people were still awaiting rescue and some didn’t call because of fear of deportation.

Trump’s first Harvey response to the governor of Texas; we’ll wait to congratulate ourselves. The only reason he responded in a tepid humane way later was the outpouring of condemnations from all sides for his cluelessness and self-absorption.