Jun 06

DGR June General Meeting – Looking Toward November

**Many members have expressed an interest in attending a vigil for the victims of the Orlando shooting that is taking place in front of City Hall from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m., as such we will try to end this meeting by 8:00 p.m.**

This June, DGR is holding a meeting to explore different ways our club can campaign for and support Democratic candidates leading up to the November election.

For this meeting we plan to discuss the recent primary results and what they mean to local races. Afterwards we will hear from our two speakers.

The first speaker will be Suji Fox, who will talk about Riverside County Democratic Party resources that are available to the club, and ways we can use these resources to support local candidates.

Our second speaker is going to talk about strategies our club can adopt, such as phone-banking, voter registration, and canvassing that we can use to help support local democrats.

Finally we will discuss ways our club can fundraise for local candidates and other ways we can support our local Democratic candidates.

Please stop by to learn about how you can become involved this election year!

Mar 05

I Want YOU at our Next Meeting

I Want YOU

I Want YOU

Please join us at our next monthly meeting on March 17th at The Mexicali Bar and Grill 1690 Spruce St in Riverside, CA 92507. Our Program starts at 7:00  PM. Please come early for dining and social. ALL are welcome