DGR Booth at Riverside Tamale Festival

This year we’re going to have a DGR booth at the Riverside Tamale Festival. We’ll be helping people register to vote, handing out flyers informing people how they can protect their rights and letting them know about other community groups and upcoming events.

The Riverside Tamale Festival celebrates our community’s Mexican heritage with food, dance and song. There are plenty of tamales to be consumed and acts to perform. Traditional Mexican dancers in colorful dresses sway to the festive rhythm of Mariachi music. Arrive early to get a close parking spot.

March for Science, Riverside

Support our local scientists, the scientific community world-wide, and facts over delusion by joining this march.  Route is approximately 1 mile loop.

Following march, there are lots of things to keep you involved the rest of the day- art event, annual Tamale Festival at White Park, and, at 1 p.m., Earth Day celebration  hosted by  UCR Graduate Sustainability Network. Check out UCR’s Earth Day page on-line for a full list of events throughout the week.

 Some very cool t-shirts are available on a number of on-line sites. One which is unique to the Riverside March can be ordered from Bonfire.

DGR will host a booth at the Tamale Festival to give out information on immigrants’ rights and register voters. PLEASE contact Charlene McKinley-Powell if you can help out!

Tax March Riverside

Purpose: To demand Donald Trump honor his promise to the American people to release his tax returns. We have a right to know the extent of his financial interests,business dealings and ties with foreign nations and nationals, as well as Big Pharma, Wall Street, the oil and fuel industry, agribusiness, and other special interest groups.

This is a family friendly march. Please keep this in mind when creating signage.

Platform Meeting and DGR Executive Board Meeting

We’ll be meeting at 6 pm to discuss the possible DGR platform for an hour and then referring it to the E-board. please attend this pre-meeting if you have changes or platform ideas. A copy of the current platform can be found at riversidedemocrats.org/about-us-2/platform/

Afterward the DGR Executive Board will meet as usual.

Executive Board meetings of the Democrats of Greater Riverside are open to all paid members. These meetings are for planning the General Meetings of the DGR and to find ways to support local Democratic candidates and Policies. 

E-Board meetings are on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m., in the Hacienda Room of La Casa Ortega and will follow parliamentary procedure.

If you have any items you would like added to the agenda, please email DGR 24 hours before the meeting. 

Democrats of Greater Riverside

P.O. Box 213, Riverside, CA 92502



Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, 04/04/2017

7:00 pm

Hacienda Room (Small Meeting Room)

La Casa Ortega

1690 Spruce Street, Riverside, CA 92507

7:00pm Call to Order and Welcome by Presiding Officer

7:05pm Roll Call / Determination of a Quorum

7:10pm Approval of Agenda

7:12pm Reading and approval of minutes of the prior (03/07/2017) meeting

Officer Reports (please keep officer reports to around three to five minutes and save any motions for new business):

7:15pm President’s Report – Greg McKinley-Powell:

7:17pm Vice President’s report – Charlene McKinley-Powell

7:21pm Secretary’s report – Marc Feldstein

7:24pm Treasurer’s Report – Deb Bennett

Committee Reports (As needed, in the order that committees are listed in the Bylaws)

7:30pm: Membership Development – Steve Ivanovich

7:33pm: Finance –

7:36pm: Communications – Christine Roberts

7:39pm: Elections – Brenda Bell

7:42pm: Policy and Research – Robert Melsh

7:45pm: Rules – Bonnie McFarland

7:48pm: Audit – Mark Hannessee

7:51pm: Other Standing or Special Committees:

Senior Issues Special Committee – Phyllis Purcell

New Business

8:00pm: Donations to candidates, have $800 we can spend before reaching filling limit

8:12pm: April Meeting – Planned Parenthood, platform, upcoming events and tabling

8:24pm: Further outreach methods – Co-Chairs, Ward Captains other ideas

8:36pm: Rafael Fundraiser – May 4th possible

8:48pm: Platform

9:00: Announcements –

9:00pm: Adjournment – Next E-Board Meeting on Tuesday, 05/02/2017; Next General Meeting on Thursday, 04/20/2017.

An E-Board Quorum: A majority of  the four (4) officers + chairs of the six (6) standing committees = 10  

A quorum, being a majority of 10, is therefore six (6), unless vacancies are counted, then a quorum would be five (5) members.  [The six standing committees are: Membership Development, Finance, Communications, Elections, Policy & Research, Rules and Audit.  NOTE: The Audit committee chair is NOT an officer of the Board member.  (Bylaws, Article VII, Section 7, subsection a.)]