DGR Executive Board Meeting

This event is the Executive Board meetings of the Democrats of Greater Riverside. These meetings are open to all paid members. These meetings are for planning the General Meetings of the DGR and to organize support for local Democratic candidates and policies. 

E-Board meetings are on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Hacienda Room of La Casa Ortega and will follow parliamentary procedure.

If you have any items you would like added to the agenda, please email DGR 24 hours before the meeting. 


7:00 pm Call to Order and Welcome by Presiding Officer
7:05 pm Roll Call / Determination of a Quorum
7:10 pm Approval of Agenda
7:12 pm Reading and acceptance of minutes from the prior April meeting

Officer Reports (please keep Officer reports to around three to five minutes and save any motions for new business):

7:15 pm President’s Report – Greg McKinley-Powell:
7:17 pm Vice President’s report – Charlene McKinley-Powell
7:21 pm Secretary’s report – OPEN
7:24 pm Treasurer’s Report – Deb Bennett

Committee Reports:

7:30 pm: Membership Development – Steve Ivanovich
7:33 pm: Finance – Ryan Borunda
7:36 pm: Communications – Christine Roberts
7:39 pm: Elections – Brenda Bell
7:42 pm: Policy and Research – Robert Melsh
7:45 pm: Rules – Bonnie McFarland
7:48 pm: Audit – Mark Hannessee
7:51 pm: Other Standing or Special Committees: Senior Issues Special Committee – Phyllis Purcell

New Business:

8:00 pm: Discuss program for the next General Meeting
8:10 pm: 
8:20 pm: 
8:30 pm: 

8:45: Announcements –

8:45 pm: Adjournment – Next E-Board Meeting will be on the first Tuesday of the following month; Next General Meeting is on the third Thursday of this month.

Gary H. Bosworth Awards Luncheon

Jesse F. Melgar, Deputy Secretary of State, and Joy Silver for CA Senate

For our October General Meeting, we have invited Joy Silver, Candidate for the 28th California Senate District, and Jesse Melgar, Deputy Secretary of State, to speak.

According to Joy SIlver’s website, she’s “running for State Senate to fight to protect our progressive values and work to find practical solutions to the challenges we face.

“We can’t afford more political games and extreme right-wing agendas in Sacramento.  We need practical solutions to the issues that matter to our communities – job creation, housing, universal healthcare coverage, building the new clean energy economy, and safe and secure retirement.  And we need the courage to stand up for our American values of equality, justice and opportunity.”

Jesse F. Melgar serves as Deputy Secretary of State under Alex Padilla.

A Riverside native, Melgar is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles where he double majored in Political Science and Chicano Studies. He is a candidate for a Master’s of Public Policy from the University of California, Riverside’s School of Public Policy. 


6:00 p.m. Doors open for dinner and social hour

7:00 p.m. Meeting starts

8:30 p.m. Meeting ends

Reasonable accommodations will be provided for persons with disabilities at this event. Please contact DGR at (951) 394-1357 at least 48 hours in advance to make a request for accommodation or for more information.

Citizenship Workshop

DGR is going to be hosting citizenship classes as part of our efforts to engage with the community and help people. 

We’ll need 7 volunteers for this event. Please leave a comment if you are able to volunteer.