Get your plane ticket to New York, now!  Michael Moore is bringing a one-man show to Broadway this summer. Called Michael Moore on Broadway:The Terms of My Surrender., it will be staged at the Belasco Theater. Previews begin in July.  Make it a DGR trip ?

Recommended Watching:  If you haven’t tuned in to The Week That Was with John Oliver on HBO or Stephen Colbert’s opening monologue on The Late Show, you’re missing some very funny and on point observations of our current administration.

Recommended Reading:  Warren …
“endorses… taxing the rich and strengthening the safety net, but it also argues that public policy can do a lot to increase workers’ bargaining power — and that inequality has soared in large part because policy has, in fact, gone the other way. This view has gained much more prominence over the past couple of decades, mainly because it’s now backed by a lot of evidence (which is why I call Warren’s populism “enlightened”). At the beginning of her book Warren talks about her frustration with politicians refusing to raise the minimum wage even though “study after study shows that there are no large adverse effects on jobs when the minimum wage goes up.” She’s right. Later, she writes about the adverse effects of the decline of unions; that, too, is a view supported by many studies, from such left-wing sources as, um, the International Monetary Fund.

So Warren in effect gives intervention in markets equal billing with taxes and social spending as a way to combat inequality, marking a significant move left in Democratic positioning.”  New York Times Book Review  April 16,2017