COUNTABLE– free phone app which sends you updates on how your political representatives have voted on legislation up to minute news on Congressional actions and events; historical look-backs, such as anniversary of FDR’s National Labor Relations’ Act; and survey questions and comments, such as “Should federal standards for ‘Made in USA’ labels superseded state regulations?”( and guess who’d benefit if they did ?).

Countable also has a feature called “Take Action” which allows you to INSTANTLY call or message your reps, share the story/information with others, and have your message posted as a comment. Plus, you might get a “pat on the back” from Abe Lincoln or George Washington when you act!  Easy way to keep current with all things political .


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Product Details  I listened to the audio version, read by Al Franken himself, on the long drive home from Sacramento. It’s interesting and, of course, funny. I highly recommend for insights into his personal journey into comedy and politics.

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