Immigration: What’s happening and how we can help

At our first meeting of the year, Rabbi Suzanne Singer of Temple Beth El and activist Hilda Cruz will share their experiences with assisting detainees and the recently-released. Both women are involved with efforts at the Adelanto Detention Center and have gone to the border multiple times. Ms. Cruz, an organizer for the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, will explain what we can do to help.

For more information on IMHI please visit

Dinner/Social Hour: 6pm
Meeting: 7pm

Annual Meeting – featuring a year-end presentation, club elections, and more

6:00pm Social Hour, 7:00pm Program and Speakers

Join the Democrats of Greater Riverside this November for our Annual Meeting, featuring a year-end presentation by club President Charlene McKinley-Powell, officer elections, and the 2019 budget.

Reminder – DGR does NOT meet December. Enjoy the holidays!

Current officer nominations are:

President: Charlene McKinley-Powell
Vice-president: Bonnie McFarland, Ryan Borunda
Secretary: Sheila Kay Riley, Heidi Laird
Treasurer: Hakan Jackson
Communications Chair: Christine Roberts
Membership Chair: Pat Eickman
Finance Chair: Ryan Borunda
Elections Chair: Trish Morgan
Policy and Research Chair: Adam Wedeking
Rules Chair: Sheila Kay Riley, Christina Duran
Audit Chair: Michele Campbell

They’re Heeeeere(in January!)

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon

A Blue Wave Raises All Boats !

  It was a hard row but the Dems took the House!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winning candidates and their supporters!

THANK YOU to all those who fought hard races; we applaud your tenacity and dedication. You have inspired a new generation of voters and activists.

THANK YOU to  the many volunteers who donated thousands of hours, car and feet miles, text messages, and phone time to put the PARTY of the PEOPLE back into Congress, governors’ mansions, and other state, county and city offices.

Several races across the nation, including locally, remain too close to call and results to not have to be certified in some states until December 7. There may be recounts ahead, as well, so continue to be patient, say your prayers or keep your fingers crossed !