Canvassing for Erin Edwards for Ward 1 City Council

Join us in walking in support of an amazing candidate! Erin Edwards has extensive experience working for and with non-profit organizations to alleviate homelessness, help children in the foster care system, and feed the hungry. She’s been endorsed by Democrats of Greater Riverside, the Riverside County Democratic Party, Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, and many others.

The location changes daily so please contact Angela Barnes @ 909-991-5677 to find out where to meet. Don’t forget sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and water.

GOTV Canvassing Kick-Off

We’ll be knocking on doors of area Democrats asking them to help us Get Out The Vote! How can they help? By calling or texting their neighbors with reminders to vote, collecting mail-in ballots (with a receipt procedure), and, of course, volunteering on campaigns!

Why are we doing this now? 2020 isn’t all that far away and we need to start working to get folks registered and willing to vote.

It’s going to be hot so please bring sunscreen, water, and a hat. At the meeting point you’ll receive thorough instructions and a list of addresses of local registered Democrats you’ll be visiting.

Democracy in Action- Democrats of Greater Riverside Choose Leaders

On Thursday, April 4,  a packed room of DGR members made their wishes known in a special election to choose officers, committee chairs, and audit committee members.  A quorum of enthusiastic voters selected the following:

President -Charlene McKinley-Powell

Vice-President- Shakisha Mounsey

Secretary-Sheila Kay Riley

Treasurer-Carol Castaneda

Committee Chairs:

Finance -Patricia Trish Morgan

Elections-Bonnie McFarland

Membership-Pat Eickman

Policy and Research-Adam Wedeking

Rules Chair-Sheila Kay Riley

Communications-Christine Roberts

Audit-Rebecca “Reb” Kitchings

Audit Committee Members- Dori McCall and Deirdre Kirkwood


The new E-board and chairs are busy planning a fundraiser for City Council candidate, Erin Edwards; doing voter registration at Riverside’s Tamale Festival, April 13; and lining up a series of exciting speakers into August. We’re looking forward to growing as we head to local, state, and federal elections.  Go, Dems!

Special Election April 4 !

Due to irregularities claimed to have occurred in the November election process, DGR must hold an emergency election before April 8 to retain our charter, as required by the Riverside County Democratic Party. This meeting will be held on THURSDAY ,APRIL 4th, at 7 p.m., at Casa Ortega. Nominations for individual officer and committee chair positions will be accepted from the floor from voting members, who also may accept a nomination or nominate themselves for positions. Voting will take place, using voting cards, immediately after the nominations conclude, and those elected will assume their office or chairmanship at that time. It is vitally important that all DGR members attend this election session on April 4th