Renew Your Membership!

If you have not yet renewed your DGR membership, it’s that time again! If you have already paid but not completed the membership form, please do so asap. These forms are required to maintain  our federal status as a club. DGR does not share our  members’  information with anyone,  except as required in our annual report. We appreciate your on-going support of and participation in the Democrats of Greater Riverside!

Mayoral Candidates’ Forum at January 15th Meeting

DGR will host mayoral candidates Patricia Lock Dawson and Andy Melendrez, who  will answer questions about their candidacy and plans for the city of Riverside, at DGR’s January meeting  on Wednesday the 15th at 7 p.m. The location is Mexicali Bar and Grill at 1690 Spruce Street, Riverside. Members and guests wishing to have dinner should arrive at 6:00 p.m. for the buffet, which is offered at $15.00 per person.

New Date, Old Venue for Monthly Meetings

We are happy to announce that our former venue, MEXICALI GRILL/Casa Ortega, has reopened with original owners and we will be holding our monthly meetings there in future.  Our meeting day was changed, by membership vote in October, to the 3rd Wednesday of each month to fit with Mexicali’s schedule of events.

DGR’s next monthly meeting will be WEDNESDAY, November 20th.  This is also our yearly election meeting, so it’s important that all members attend.  The Election Committee will submit its slate of candidates for officer and committee chair positions, followed by floor nominations and open voting by members.

Social hour remains 6 p.m. with the regular meeting beginning at 7 with a targeted end time of 8:30 p.m.

Prospective members are always welcome to attend!

Congratulations to City Councilmembers Erin Edwards, Gaby Plascencia and Ronaldo Fierraro!

After an arduous campaign, two of them!, Erin Edwards prevailed in her quest for a seat on Riverside’s City Council.  Handily defeating the incumbent, Edwards’ campaign demonstrates the value of persistence, grass-roots campaigning, dedicated  volunteers, walking and knocking, and having a positive platform. We look forward to the people-oriented, problem-solving style of Erin as she takes on her new role.

DGR’s other endorsed candidates,Gaby Plascencia  and Ronaldo Fierraro, will also bring more diversity to the city council, which will now have two Hispanic/Latinx and one LGBTQ member, all of who are also part of a younger demographic than current office-holders.  Andy Melendrez, of Mexican-American heritage who is presently a city councilman, is running for mayor.

According to the Press-Enterprise, “The Human Rights Campaign, which grades cities nationwide based on a standards for LGBTQ equality, gave Riverside 65% — a D — in 2018.

It lost points for not having transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits, LGBTQ liaisons or a public position on LGBTQ equality, among other areas, according to the scorecard.”

Hopefully, our new city council will improve that score.