City Council Candidates to Speak

Reminder: Thursday, February 21st, DGR will host city council candidates for seats in Wards 1,3, and 5.

Meeting begins at 7 p.m., but we will be eating, drinking, and writing postcards starting at 6 p.m.,so  feel free to come early and also grab a good seat!


Show Your Democratic Pride

Ever felt like the only Dem in the Inland Empire ?

Never feel alone again!   Sport one of DGR’s new bumper stickers and spread the Democratic love.

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Build the “Farm Team”

After the GOP lost to the Democrats in 2008, they started building from the bottom up. City councils and school boards, county board of supervisors, statehouses, governorships, and district judgeships  became GOP strongholds.  This allowed for changes in education policy, city and state opposition to federal policies affecting immigrants, health care, and the environment, and, perhaps most importantly, gerrymandering and voter suppression.

We MUST take the pages from their playbook and build a Democratic Farm Team.  Local government positions affect city,county and state races.  They also train the next generation of Democrats who can represent the people and our party’s values and positions.  Name recognition and a positive track record attract supporters, campaign workers, and donations. In future elections, the character of a candidate will, and should, count more than ever.   Serving in local offices give serious candidates an opportunity to show they serve the PEOPLE, not their pocketbooks, their egos, their families and friends, or a foreign power.

We urge you to “vet” our local candidates, monitor their actions and voting patterns, and consider running for office yourself!  Training opportunities will be made available in future and you can also get experience by helping with a campaign in whatever fashion suits your time and personality.

If we want to make it to the “World Series of Politics” in 2020 and beyond, we need to support and strengthen the Democratic team.  Go, Dems !

Feb. Meeting: DGR Candidate Forum for Riverside City Council Wards 1, 3, and 5.

Come and hear from the candidates!

Join us this February as the Democrats of Greater Riverside host a Candidate Forum for Riverside’s upcoming city council elections. We will be hosting Democratic candidates from city council Wards One, Three, and Five. We’ll be hearing from each candidate and then each candidate will answer member questions. The following candidates are scheduled to attend:

Ward 1 – Denise Booker, Erin Edwards, Phillip Falcone

Ward 3 – Eugene Brown, Ronaldo Fierro, Stevie Taken

Ward 5 – Gabriela Plascencia

Afterwards, club members will vote on which candidates, if any, to recommend for endorsement. This is your chance to hear from the candidates directly and help determine the party’s nomination! So make sure to renew your dues if you haven’t already in time for the meeting.

It’s time to renew your membership!

Please support the ongoing mission of getting Democrats into office by renewing your membership. In addition to contributions to candidates, your dues also go toward voter registration booth fees, hosting candidate fundraisers, and other club expenses.

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Online payments are accepted, but please make sure to mail or drop off your signed membership form at a meeting. Copies of our membership form can be found at