Democracy in Action- Democrats of Greater Riverside Choose Leaders

On Thursday, April 4,  a packed room of DGR members made their wishes known in a special election to choose officers, committee chairs, and audit committee members.  A quorum of enthusiastic voters selected the following:

President -Charlene McKinley-Powell

Vice-President- Shakisha Mounsey

Secretary-Sheila Kay Riley

Treasurer-Carol Castaneda

Committee Chairs:

Finance -Patricia Trish Morgan

Elections-Bonnie McFarland

Membership-Pat Eickman

Policy and Research-Adam Wedeking

Rules Chair-Sheila Kay Riley

Communications-Christine Roberts

Audit-Rebecca “Reb” Kitchings

Audit Committee Members- Dori McCall and Deirdre Kirkwood


The new E-board and chairs are busy planning a fundraiser for City Council candidate, Erin Edwards; doing voter registration at Riverside’s Tamale Festival, April 13; and lining up a series of exciting speakers into August. We’re looking forward to growing as we head to local, state, and federal elections.  Go, Dems!