Women Under Attack by Republican Politicians

The insidious effort to overturn Roe vs. Wade is coming to fruition through the concerted effort of Republican-led states and the appointment of conservative judges. They are taking actions such as:
“Restricting insurance coverage of abortion, and in turn taking away the comprehensive insurance coverage most women currently have

TRAP laws, which are targeted restrictions against abortion providers

Abortion bans, including unconstitutional bans at specific weeks of pregnancy and non-surgical abortion bans

Mandatory ultrasounds and waiting periods, and requirements to attend biased counseling before a woman can get an abortion

So-called “personhood” measures”(Planned Parenthood website)

Alabama, just passed the most draconian law, forbidding it only if a woman’s health is at serious risk; however, it does not say that risk is determined by her physician. It also does not exclude pregnancies resulting from rape and incest.

Other restrictive bans have been passed in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota and Ohio, and Louisiana,South Carolina, Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, Texas and West Virginia are not far behind.
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