July Agenda

Welcome & Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Determination of Quorum
Approval of Agenda
Reading and acceptance of minutes of June 20,2019
President’s Report-Charlene McKinley-Powell
Vice-President’s Report-n/a
Secretary’s Report- Sheila Kay Riley
Treasurer’s Report- Carol Johnson Castaneda
Lecia Elzig, Indivisible 41
Denise Gore, Riverside NOW
Pat Eickman, Riverside Sister District Project Committee Reports
Committee Reports:
Membership Development- Pat Eickman
Communications- Christine Roberts
Finance-Trish Morgan
Policy and Research- Adam Wedeking
Elections- Bonnie McFarland
Rules- Sheila Kay Riley
Introduction of Amendments to DGR Bylaws and Standing Rules and new Standing Rule
Audit- Rebecca Kitchings
Unfinished Business-
Floor nominations and Election of Vice-President and Elections Committee Chair
New Business
Candidate Statements
Announcements & Future Meetings
Door Prize- Trish Morgan