CA Democratic Party 2021 Statewide Officers & Regional Director Election Results Certified

Los Angeles, CA – CADEM has certified the results for the California Democratic Party’s Officer and Regional Directors Election. The statewide Officers serve a four year term (2021-2026) and Regional Directors are elected to two-year terms (2021-2023). The following are the winners:

Statewide Officers

Chair: Rusty Hicks
Vice-Chair: Betty Yee
Vice-Chair: David Campos
Secretary: Melahat Rafiei
Controller: April Verrett

Regional Directors:

Region 1E: William Monroe
Region 1W: Joe Louis Wildman*
Region 2: Lynette P. Henley
Region 3: Eric Sunderland
Region 4: Alejandro Carrillo
Region 5: Rocky Fernandez

*Mr. Wildman sadly passed away. A special election will be called to fill this seat.

Regional Directors:

Region 6: Hene Kelly
Region 7: Omar Torres
Region 8: Humberto Gomez Jr. 
Region 9: Diana Love
Region 10: Tiffany Lewis
Region 11: Mark Ramos
Region 12: Larry Gross
Region 13: Maha Rizvi
Region 14: Miguel Martinez
Region 15: Primo Castro
Region 16: Sergio Carrillo
Region 17: Florice Orea Hoffman
Region 18: Deborah Cunningham – Skurnik
Region 19: Ellen Kurpiewski
Region 20: Michelle Krug

All statewide officers and regional directors will be sworn-in during the CADEM 2021 State Virtual Convention. 

Results can be downloaded here.


CADEM is the nation’s largest statewide Democratic Party, representing over 10 million California Democrats.