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Our Committees

Membership Development – Patricia Eickman

Expand and enhance membership of the Club and the Party by developing and implementing strategies and opportunities for recruitment and retention; outreach; work on marketing and visibility with the Communications Committee; and leadership development.


Finance – Patricia “Trish”  Morgan

Organize activities and propose policies to protect and enhance the financial position of the Club; to organize and coordinate fundraising activities; to prepare a budget for the future fiscal year and to submit it to the Club at the annual meeting in November; to submit from time to time amendments to the budget for the current fiscal year, which shall be adopted by a majority vote; and to review and report to the Club on the financial status of the Club.


Communications – Christine Roberts

Develop and coordinate strategies and tools with which to communicate with members of the Club and other Democrats within the community; to draft and disseminate public relations pieces and coordinate all contacts with the press; to organize and coordinate training and opportunities to develop communication skills; to organize and coordinate speakers and writers bureaus; and to organize and coordinate rapid response efforts.


Elections – Stevie Taken

Organize, coordinate and oversee voter registration efforts; precinct operations; election monitoring; candidate recruitment and support; create mailings with the Communications Committee; and related training and education.


Policy and Research – Adam Wedeking

Organize activities, speakers and forums for the Club and the community at large to facilitate open discussion and debate regarding policy issues of interest to the Club; to formulate a platform for adoption by the Club; to monitor, track and make recommendations to the Club regarding legislative activities at the local, state, federal and international levels, most particularly with respect to policy matters of direct concern to the members of the Club; to research, analyze and present policy issues to the Club, and upon request of the Club to draft and recommend positions for adoption by the Club; to monitor and track the voting records of public officials of interest to the Club; to research and make recommendations regarding endorsement and support of candidates for public office; and to provide the Club any other such research and analyses that may benefit the Club and further its objectives.


Rules – Sheila Kay Riley

The duty of the Rules Committee shall be to keep the bylaws and any rules adopted by the Club, consistent with the objectives of the Club; to propose changes in the rules and bylaws when necessary; and to interpret the rules and bylaws when called upon by the officers or members.