Articles & Thoughts-Raise Your Voice in 2018

The following businesses/corporations have had the courage to “buck” the NRA by changing their policies with regard to gun/ammunition/equipment sales and/or discounts for NRA members.  PLEASE email or send a postcard of support and, when possible, back-it up with your patronage.  There are many more non-NRA members of the public who(along with some NRA members) are demanding rational gun laws in our country. We need to encourage those who are standing up against gun violence.
LL Bean
Delta Airlines
Dick’s Sporting Goods
 CAL-STRS, one of the state’s biggest retirement funds, is applying pressure on companies in its stock portfolio to stop the sale of assault-type weapons.

Letter to the President and Members of Congress- Update

Christine received a reply from Donald T. Trump(handwriting machine signature) on May 3.  To be posted    On February 15, members voted to release the following letter to the President, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.   Dear  President Trump and Members of Congress: Since January 1, 2018, there have been THIRTY …