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Renew Your Membership!

If you have not yet renewed your DGR membership, it’s that time again! If you have already paid but not completed the membership form, please do so asap. These forms are required to maintain  our federal status as a club. DGR does not share our  members’  information with anyone,  except as required in our annual …

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Congratulations to City Councilmembers Erin Edwards, Gaby Plascencia and Ronaldo Fierraro!

After an arduous campaign, two of them!, Erin Edwards prevailed in her quest for a seat on Riverside’s City Council.  Handily defeating the incumbent, Edwards’ campaign demonstrates the value of persistence, grass-roots campaigning, dedicated  volunteers, walking and knocking, and having a positive platform. We look forward to the people-oriented, problem-solving style of Erin as she …

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Our Coming Attractions

We are currently adding the following pages: Minutes and Financials- monthly postings of the Membership Meeting minutes and our current financial statements Meet the Candidates- On-going profiles, policies, and “sound bites” from the Democratic field of candidates for president Women’s Rights- keeping track of attacks on women’s equality and autonomy across the nation Speakers: We …

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Build the “Farm Team”

After the GOP lost to the Democrats in 2008, they started building from the bottom up. City councils and school boards, county board of supervisors, statehouses, governorships, and district judgeships  became GOP strongholds.  This allowed for changes in education policy, city and state opposition to federal policies affecting immigrants, health care, and the environment, and, …

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