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Our Coming Attractions

We are currently adding the following pages: Minutes and Financials- monthly postings of the Membership Meeting minutes and our current financial statements Meet the Candidates- On-going profiles, policies, and “sound bites” from the Democratic field of candidates for president Women’s Rights- keeping track of attacks on women’s equality and autonomy across the nation Speakers: We …

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Women Under Attack by Republican Politicians

The insidious effort to overturn Roe vs. Wade is coming to fruition through the concerted effort of Republican-led states and the appointment of conservative judges. They are taking actions such as: “Restricting insurance coverage of abortion, and in turn taking away the comprehensive insurance coverage most women currently have TRAP laws, which are targeted restrictions …

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AB 392

DGR unanimously approved a resolution in support of AB392, the California Act to Save Lives’ bill. Research and Policy Chair Adam Wedeking will be sending a letter to the bill’s sponsors, Assemblymembers Shirley Weber and Kevin McCarty, and the governor. PLEASE call Assemblymember Jose Medina’s office at (951) 369-6644 to urge his support on this …

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UPDATE- Walk the Walk; Talk the Talk

APRIL 28- The Get Out the Vote event will meet at Ryan Bonaminio Park, 5000 Tequesquite Ave., Riverside.  Even if you can’t participate, you can contribute to the effort to set the next Blue Wave in motion by dropping off water and/or snacks for those who are walking!