Candidate Forum and Platform Adoption

For our March general meeting, DGR is planning to hold a Riverside City Council candidate forum on in order for members to hear from candidates directly and vote on endorsing Democratic candidates for the various City Council Wards. If you wish to make a vote for endorsement, we encourage you to attend this event. 

The Candidate Forum is roughly planned to include each candidate from a Ward giving a short speech followed by questions from the membership. We will then take a vote as a club, and then we will announce our recommendations the following day. We will have the exact format finalized by March 8th and the forum is going to be moderated by Bob Melsh. 

Current candidates attending include:

Ward 6: Jim Perry: Confirmed, Rafael Elizalde Jr.: Confirmed.

Ward 2: Andy Melendrez: Confirmed, Nicolas Cast: Confirmed, Jon Harris: Confirmed, Lance Sayavong: No response.

Ward 4: No Democratic candidates.

More to be announced!

In addition to the Candidate Forum, DGR will also be considering adopting local policy platform.

Current platform proposals can be found online at:

If you have issues you think should be included in the platform, please send platform position requests to