GOTV Canvassing

The Plan: RCDP Pilot Neighborhood Leader Program
We are going to knock on the door of the voters who responded to our texts in a positive way and ask them to be a Neighborhood Leader. A Neighborhood Leader performs outreach on a micro level by talking to the registered Democrats in their immediate neighborhood. They knock on doors near election time, pass out campaign literature, and encourage their neighbors to vote.
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Why do we think this will work?
Swing Left, Indivisible, Sister District and many other groups used the same program to help turn Orange County Blue.

Current Target: Riverside
Why Riverside? There were more voters who responded positively to our texts in Riverside than in any other city in the county, 450 in all. Riverside also has an upcoming election so we can do the most immediate good here. We need to refine our process and goals before taking this project countywide.