Kudos,Kondemnations and Important Words

Kudos to– The  volunteers who marched, registered, canvassed, texted, called and generally supported the thousands of candidates nation-wide from city to national races. You made the difference in ways big and small. Even if those you supported did not win THIS TIME, you are now a seasoned political worker with experience and determination to offer in coming campaigns. Think about running yourself !

New voters, particularly Millennials, who found their power in the voting booth and helped register their peers to Get Out the Vote.

African-American voters and activists who continue to support and bolster the Democratic party. We SEE you!

Latino/a voters who are building their power by registering voters in their communities and finding great candidates who can best represent their needs and concerns.

College-educated, suburban white women who said enough is enough with #MeToo, Time’s Up, and joining the Dems! You rejected the “soccer mom” stereotype and made a difference.

Kondemnations to –  The Usual Suspects

Kemp in Georgia with his “I’ll decide the election” in which I’m a candidate, after restricting voting rights for thousands in his state.

Trump for his firing of Sessions. While we’re not Sessions’ fans, we can see Trump has chosen a political stooge to oversee the Mueller probe, bypassing Rosenstein and putting the investigation in peril.

Trump for his verbal abuse of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, a confrontation which led to Acosta losing his White House press credential on fake “charges” of assaulting a woman trying to take the mike from him. See side-by-side video of the incident on The Washington Post site, along with a contrasting story on how Acosta’s father, a reporter, was treated by Cuban president, Castro, in a similar situation. No surprise Castro behaved better !

Trump for his threats against Democrats in the House should they try to “investigate” him. News Flash, Trump, that’s the job of the House. Buckle up, Buttercup !