Pelosi’s Patience and Trump’s Self-destruction

Kudos to–  NANCY PELOSI !  It seems her strategy in not calling for an impeachment inquiry or impeachment without a SMOKING HOT GUN has paid off because the Ukraine Caper is raining hot lead all over the Trump White House!  Let’s hope that she is richly rewarded for her patience and control of the Party with the title PRESIDENT in front of her name when Trump and Pence get bounced.

Kondemnations to –  Where do we begin?  Trump, the most venial, narcissistic, low-IQ man to ever be president; Pence, whose fervent faith does not extend to personal morality and protection of the country; McConnell, whose deviance is matched only by his hypocrisy; the GOP, which has traded every principal and value it ever claimed to hold and now the country itself to hold the White House; every Cabinet member, Secretary, Secret Service Agent, etc… who have looked away while Trump and friends have enriched themselves, gutted the Constitution and system of checks and balances, and been willing to sell our democracy away to the highest bidder. Shame, shame, shame. They will live in infamy in America’s history books and hopefully serve lengthy prison terms for their criminal acts.