Kudos,Kondemnations and Important Words

Kudos to–  NANCY PELOSI ! Her quiet and firm leadership stood up against bully Trump, refused to be “mansplained”, and kept the House Democrats focused on bringing sanity back to government. The American people  overwhelmingly do not want a wall, do not want to pay for a wall, and do not want federal workers used as hostages by Toddler Trump.  Pelosi continues to be one of our party’s greatest assets, one who is willing to be unpopular to do the right thing.

Kondemnations to –  The Usual Suspects

Trump and spineless GOP members who financially gutted almost 1 million workers, plus their families and  other economic sectors  affected by civil servants lack of paychecks for 35 days.  Those of us who have and/or do live paycheck to paycheck, we can empathize with the fear and chaos this would cause; all Americans should be able to sympathize, at the very least, but millionaires like Laura Trump and Wilbur Ross, who don’t worry about having a paycheck, showed their cluelessness in their insensitive remarks. Of course, Trump led the way with his claim that 800,000 federal workers were behind him, willing to sacrifice for the good of America, and telling them their landlords would understand! Just because we call them civil “servants” does not mean they should not earn a fair and competitive wage and be paid for the work they do.  THANK A FEDERAL WORKER WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER ONE !

Skydance Entertainment Group who hired John Lassiter for its animation division less than 8 months after Pixar fired him for sexual harassment of multiple employees, part of his well-documented reputation for over 30 years.