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2021 Draft Minutes, General Membership Meetings

To view the fully formatted minutes as they will be submitted for approval at the May 19 meeting, please CLICK HERE.

This is the text of that document:

 Democrats of Greater Riverside

P.O. Box 213, Riverside, CA 92502

Draft Minutes

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

7:00 pm; via Zoom

xTrish Morgan, PresidentxMonrow Mabon, Vice President
 Christine Roberts, SecretaryxCarol Johnson Castañeda, Treasurer
xSheila Kay Riley, Membership ChairxFreya Foley, Policy & Research Chair
 Stevie Taken, Finance ChairxBonnie McFarland, Communications Chair
xSheila Kay Riley, Elections Chair Rebecca Kitchings, Audit Chair [Not a Board Officer]
xBonnie McFarland, Rules/Compliance Chair  
  1. Welcome and call to order
  2. Determination of Quorum by Membership Chair.
  3. Reading and approval of agenda  M Melba Winslow/S Foley: Unanimous approval
  4. Reading and acceptance of Minutes; Accepted as submitted
  5. Program:
    1. Bridget McConaughy was unable to attend but is seeking volunteers to help people get vaccinated. More information to follow
    2. Clarissa Cervantes, Riverside County Party endorsed candidate for Ward 2, reported on progress of her campaign and her endorsers. Emphasizing housing, homelessness and jobs in campaign and will be at League of Women Voters Candidate Forum, April 28.
    3. Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes shared her legislative accomplishments. She is currently working on AB1307, which proposes creating an independent Redistricting Committee starting in 2030 and 5 other bills. It was suggested that Policy and Research Chair Freya Foley provide more information on these in the future.
    4. Joan Donahue, President of the League of Women Voters, presented a slideshow on the basic tenets of redistricting. She pointed out League’s long history of involvement in the process. The Constitution requires that districts have equal numbers of people, be geographically contiguous, and apolitical, but are manipulated by politicians to “crack or pack” certain demographics.
  6. President’s Report: She explained that the state would reopen on June 15th, and DGR would follow state and county guidelines for reopening. The club may choose to be more restrictive but not less restrictive than those guidelines. An informal survey was taken of members on the question, “What are your concerns regarding DGR meeting in person?”. Results:
    1. Can we meet live and continue Zoom as well?
    2. People should bring proof of vaccination.
    3. Let’s not have food.
    4. Seating should be six feet apart.
    5. Take attendees’ temperatures.
    6.  Hold meetings outdoors.
    7.  Keep current safety protocols because of variant strains of COVID-19.

The Executive Board will review members’ concerns at its monthly meeting and report back to the club.

  1.  Vice-President’s Report: Some concerns and questions have been raised regarding the city of Riverside’s Charter Review, of which he is a committee member. Two questions are: “Do we need an Inspector General to tend to ethics complaints?” and “Should the Mayor be allowed to vote?”
  2.  Secretary: No report
  3. Treasurer: Report given and copy filed with Secretary.
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – 84 members
    2. Finance – No report
    3. Communications – No report
    4.  Elections- Upcoming city election, June 6th, 2021, for City Council members for Wards 2, 4, 6. Only Ward 2 candidate, Clarissa Cervantes, is endorsed by the RCDP.
    5.  Policy & Research – DGR needs to be visible in the community by participating in community service projects. The Junior League runs the Riverside Diaper Bank and will allow us to collect diapers and donations on their behalf. Freya Foley and Sheila Riley presented a slideshow on how the lack of diapers affect all aspects of a child and its family’s lives. DGR members were invited to a planning meeting on Thursday, May 6th, at 6:30, Zoom, to discuss further.
    6. Rules/Compliance – No report
    7.  Auditor – No report
  5. Unfinished Business – none
  6. Announcements
    1. Member Keri Then announced that CADEM has a “Victory Vault” of campaign materials and training that can be downloaded from the CADEM website as a Google file; however, it requires a lengthy application.
    2. League of Women Voters’ Candidates Forums to be held May 13th for Ward 4 and April  28th for Ward 2.
    3. Next E-board Meeting: 6:00 pm, Tuesday, May 4th, via Zoom
    4. Next General Membership Meeting: 7:00 pm (6:30 social), Wednesday, May 19th, 2021, via Zoom, link to follow via MailChimp invitation
  7. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Christine Roberts

Christine Roberts, Secretary

(from meeting notes taken by President Patricia Morgan)