Minutes and Financials



Monthly Club Meeting

Thursday, August 15,2019

7:00 pm

Sizzler’s Restaurant

6631 Clay Street,  Riverside 92509


  1. President Charlene McKinley-Powell called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.
  2. A quorum was present.


x Charlene McKinley-Powell, President x Bonnie McFarland, Vice-President
x Sheila Kay Riley, Secretary x Adam Wedeking, Policy & Research Chair
x Pat Eickman, Membership Chair   Carol Johnson Castañeda, Treasurer
x Trish Morgan, Finance Chair x Christine Roberts, Communications Chair
x Stevie Taken, Elections Chair x Rebecca Kitchings, Audit Chair (Not a Board Officer)


x Sheila Kay Riley, Rules Chair (holds 2 positions)  


  1. Introductions of officers, chairs and attendees.
  2. Approval of Agenda

a.Motion by Sheila K. Riley; 2nd by Charlene McKinley-Powell;Unanimous approval

  1. Minutes of 7/18/2019 approved as read

6. President’s Report – Charlene McKinley-Powell

A) John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado  just dropped out of Democratic presidential race. He is being urged to run for the Senate.

B)She thanked Lecia Elzig for donating a laptop to DGR for use of our Treasurer.

7. Vice President’s Report – Bonnie McFarland

She was sad to announce that Tom Schultz, a former DGR president and long-time member, passed away on August 1st after a long illness.  Celebration of Life, September 21st, 10 a.m.,  Riverside Universalist Unitarian Church.

8. Secretary’s Report – Sheila Kay Riley – No report

9. Treasurer’s Report – Carol Johnson Castañeda- not in attendance due to illness;report by S.K.Riley;Current financials is $4,383.89. Details on file.

  1. Speakers– Courtney Sheehan

Started  Democratic Vets of Riverside County,  headquartered in the Temecula/Murrieta area. Will focus on registering voters, defeating Ken Calvert and Duncan Hunter, and bringing more service industry jobs into the Temecula area. Joy Silver, DGR endorsed candidate for California State Senate District 28 ,is a founding member of the club.

Jean Garman on behalf of Marianne Williamson, Democratic presidential candidate

Gave  background, accomplishments and goals of Williamson.   Currently Williamson needs 4,237 more donors to qualify for September 12th debate.To learn more go to Marianne2020.com.

 Lecia Elzig– DGR member

Trump admin. proposing immigrant children’s detention centers in  Riverside and other cities. Opponents will use California’s strict requirements for Group Home licensing and misappropriation of public funds  for private facilities to contest.  Senator Feinstein and Congressman Mark Takano have taken stands against the detention facilities. Indivisible 41  planning Day of Action,9-30.

  1. Committee Reports

Membership Development – Pat Eickman- no report

Communications – Chris Roberts

She purchased and was reimbursed for thank you cards for Casa Ortega owners and Francisco/Riverside County Party for his presentation last month.

   Finance– Trish Morgan

A) The Debate Watch Party at Fusion Bar and Restaurant was very successful with approximately 50 attendees.  She is working with owner to host the September debate.

B) Lecia Elzig donated a computer to DGR for use of club treasurers. This will be passed to each incoming Treasurer and a back-up, probably flash drive,will be created as well.

C) Due to DGR’s need to change meeting venue (see New Business), Morgan stated that our Spring Event is a work in progress TBA.

Elections– Stevie Taken- no report

Policy and Research – Adam Wedeking

A)The planned Schools and Community First bill is currently being amended in the California legislature.

B)He asked for support for the Last Chance Alliance which is working to phase out fossil fuels.

  Rules – Sheila Kay Riley

A)    Following our By-laws, the Rules Committee and interested members met to finalize the proposed laws and rules, copies of which were posted on our DGR website and emailed to members.

B) Standing Rule 7 provides for the Membership Chair to give membership information to  the Treasurer and Communications’ Chair , as well as keep a hard copy on file. No discussion. Unanimous Approval.

C) Quarterly club audit will be conducted by the Audit Chair and two club members elected to serve. Discussion of the auditor’s duties were briefly discussed. Unanimous approval.

D) Clarification- By-laws state “When no financial burden will be placed on the club”, monies may be spent without prior approval when a “rapid response” is needed. Discussion of what constitutes a “rapid response”. Marilyn Fischbeck proposed wording be the expense must be authorized at the next DGR E-Board or Monthly Meeting, whichever most closely follows the expenditure. Unanimous approval.

E) Term of Office- It is proposed that officers and committee chairs serve staggered, two year terms for the purpose of maintaining institutional memory. November 2020 Charlene McKinley-Powell motioned to table until the next monthly meeting; 2nd by Rebecca Kitchings; two nay votes; passed by Majority approval.

New Business

12. Trish Morgan moved that DGR endorse Riverside City Council candidate Ronaldo Fierro.  Seconded by Stevie Taken.Unanimously approved.

13. Charlene McKinley Powell asked the membership to authorize donations to the campaigns of Fierro, Edwards and Plascencia. Motioned by Melba Winsell; 2nd by Reb Kitchings. Unanimously approved.

14. Erin Edwards is having a campaign event on August 24th. Members can go on-line to the candidate’s page for more information.

15. Lecia Elzwig won monthly drawing.

16. Next month’s speaker will be an officer from Riverside County Democratic Party.

Meeting was adjourned by President McKinley-Powell at 8:22 p.m. Motion by Lecia Elzwig; 2nd by Melba Winsell; Unanimous approval.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Roberts

acting as Secretary for Sheila Kay Riley





Democrats of Greater Riverside
MINUTES Regular Meeting
Thursday, May 16, 2019 7:00 p.m. La Casa Ortega

1. Welcome and Call to Order
a. President, Charlene McKinley-Powell, called the meeting to order at approximately
7:05 and welcomed all.
b. She thanked those who came early to write postcards for Riverside City Council
candidate, Erin Edwards.
2. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Charlene McKinley-Powell
3. Introductions were made by all
4. Determination of a Quorum – Membership Chair confirms; quorum was present
x Charlene McKinley-Powell, President x Shakisha Mounsey, Vice President
x Sheila Kay Riley, Secretary x Adam Wedeking, Policy & Research Chair
x Pat Eickman, Membership Chair x Carol Johnson Castañeda, Treasurer
x Trish Morgan, Finance Chair x Christine Roberts, Communications Chair
x Bonnie McFarland, Elections Chair Rebecca Kitchings, Audit Chair (Not a Board
x Sheila Kay Riley, Rules Chair Officer)
Others Members & Guests present: See “Sign-In” sheets for details.
5. Approval of Agenda
a. M/S/P: Riley/Elzig: Accept agenda as distributed.
6. Reading and acceptance of minutes of
a. April 4, 2019 with pen and ink corrections – Accepted as distributed
b. April 18, 2019 accepted as distributed
7. President’s Report – Charlene McKinley-Powell
a. At the DGR Fundraiser for Riverside City Council Candidate Erin Edwards, we raised
almost $ 1,000.
b. She asked if folks would rather have less “paper handout’s” and have materials
shown on the screen and that idea prevailed. Ms. McKinley-Powell said she would
work on making that happen.
c. We still need volunteer in the afternoon for the May 25, 2019 Riverside Chili CookOff and a sign-up sheet is circulating.
8. Vice President’s Report – Shakisha Mounsey
DGR: 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes: Template) Page 2
a. She reiterated the thank you for all who participated in helping make the fundraiser
for Erin Edwards such a success.
b. She thanked those who are our regular attendees and those who make the
telephone calls.
9. Secretary’s Report – Sheila Kay Riley – no report
10. Treasurers Report – Carol Johnson Castañeda
a. She provided written reports for January, 2019 February, 2019; March, 2019; April,
2019 as well as a summary as to where we are with regard to our finances year-todate.
11. Candidate Statements
a. Angela Barnes gave an update on Erin Edwards City Council (Ward 1) campaign and
noted there will be a canvass this weekend and volunteers are needed. It was noted
that volunteers are also needed for the phone banking.
12. Katherine Tunon on AB 1725 – funding for after-school programs
a. She provided written material on AB 1725 which would increase funding for the
After School Programs.
b. DGR will vote whether or not to endorse this at our next membership meeting.
13. Program: The Attacks on Roe v. Wade and How We Can Fight Back! – Jacque Casillas
a. We will fight back.
b. The focus now is on the latest bill that was passed and then signed by the Governor
of Alabama.
c. Planned Parenthood is in for the fight of our lives and there are more of us.
d. One in 3 women live in states were abortion is at risk.
14. Committee Reports
a. Membership Development – Pat Eickman
i. We have over 100 members
b. Communications – Christine Roberts
i. She is reaching out the Democratic presidential candidates to see if we can
have any to come to Riverside. She has reached out to the Beto Campaign
and has completed out the needed form
c. Finance – Trish Morgan
i. As she will be “out of school” this summer she will have some time and plans
to look for venues in the various wards where we can have events and is
looking for volunteers to assist her.
d. Policy and Research – Adam Wedeking
i. The City of Riverside has a Human Relations Committee scholarship award
that is given our for creative writers.
e. Elections – Bonnie McFarland
i. She has noted that candidates get enthusiastic about their campaign but
haven’t yet been involved in their community. One way to be more involved
is to service on one of the City of Riverside’s Boards and Commissions and
she distributed a brochure listing the various Boards and Commissions.
DGR: 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes: Template) Page 3
ii. She noted even if there isn’t an opening at the present time, one can apply at
any time and applications are held for two years. She listed those with
openings at the present time.
f. Rules – Sheila Kay Riley
i. Chartering Process with the RCDP
1. The DGR e-board was given a written update at the May 7, 2019 eboard meeting re: the challenge filed with the RCDP by Brenda Bell as
to what we’ve accomplished and what remains to be completed.
2. While no written Charter was provided, it was announced by the
RCDP Chair at the RCDP Membership Meeting on May 13, 2019 that
DGR has been chartered.
ii. October Pre-Endorsement Conference
1. Sheila reported that she sent hours and hours updating and provided
form after form to the CDP Regional Director (ours is RC 13) by the
May 15th, 2019 deadline. The RCDP Vice Chair kept “dropping” new
forms needed on what seemed like a daily basis.
2. Based on response from RD 13, it appears that all forms have been
correctly submitted and accepted.
iii. Pending Bylaw and Standing Rules Changes
1. The DGR Rules Committee met on Saturday, May 4th to address
changes recommended by Sheila Riley and then made additional
proposed changes.
2. Information was provided in writing to the DGR e-board at the May 7,
2019 e-board meeting; more changes were suggested and the DGR eboard recommended acceptance of the changes from that meeting.
3. The proposed changes coming from the DGR e-board meeting were
handed out and they changes come as a recommendation to approve
by the DGR Membership.
4. Everyone was asked to review the proposed changes as handed out at
this meeting and to contact Sheila Riley with any comments, changes,
5. Voting will be at the June 20th DGR Membership meeting.
g. Audit – not present; no report
15. Unfinished Business
a. Resolution in support of AB 392 – Adam Wedeking
i. Adam Wedeking provided information re: AB 391 to all after the discussion
of this proposed legislation which was emailed to DGR members.
ii. M/S/P: Riley/Mounsey: That DGR support AB 391 with a letter of support to
the author of the Assembly Bill.
1. The motion passed unanimously.
2. Adam Wedeking had previously said that he would prepare the letter.
b. Get Out the Vote Project – Sheila Kay Riley
DGR: 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes: Template) Page 4
i. She noted that we need 1 additional person to attend the training and then
participate in the canvas set for this Saturday beginning at 9:30 at Tesequite
ii. Sheila explained that this is in follow up to the October/November, 2019
RCDP GOTV Texting Project in which 450 people in the City of Riverside
texted back as to their intent to vote blue. The goal of this part of the project
is to develop our Democratic Neighborhood Leaders (often called Precinct
iii. More details will be provided at the June 20th, 2019 DGR Membership
Meeting when Francisco Ramos and Nathan Kemp will speak about this pilot
project happening in the City of Riverside.
16. New Business
a. The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis – Book Review by Christine Roberts
i. Christine Roberts provided a book review of this most interesting book!
17. Announcements
a. Sheila Riley advised everyone to “stay tuned” to an announcement at the June, 2019
DGR meeting about our planned star-studded August 15, 2019 DGR Membership
Meeting. We will have a celebrity speaker and have an opportunity (donated by that
celebrity speaker) to raise some money for DGR.
b. Sheila Riley also announced that she and her husband will be attending the CDP
convention as will Shakisha Mounsey and Deirdre and asked if anyone would be
interested in hearing about the Convention.
c. Saturday, May 25th – DGR booth at the 17th Annual Chili Cook-Off, Arlington
Business District, volunteers needed for afternoon shifts – 12:30-3:30pm and 3:30 –
d. Saturday, June 1st – DGR booth at the 19th Annual Juneteenth Celebration, Bordwell
Park, 12pm – 6 pm, volunteers needed any time
e. Sunday, June 9th – Indivisible 41 Annual Meeting and Picnic, Fairmount Park Picnic
Area # 4, 1 pm
f. Get Out The Vote Project – Interested in getting your Democrat neighbors more
engaged in politics? Email Francisco Ramos at framo003@ucr.edu or call/text him at
760-668-7472 for more information.
18. Next Meetings:
a. Next e-board meeting: New Day: Thursday 06/06/2019 @ La Casa Ortega; small
meeting room
b. Next General Membership meeting: Thursday, 06/20/219 @ 6pm
19. Trish Morgan held the door prize portion of the meeting.
20. Adjournment: 8:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Kay Riley
Sheila Kay Riley

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