We are sorry to announce that Casa Ortega has gone out of business and will no longer be the site of our monthly meeting. The owners were very supportive and accommodating to DGR, and we are very sorry about this turn of events for the family.

We have arranged with Sizzler to host us starting with our next meeting on August 15 through December.  There is a modest fee for use of their meeting room, but it can also be expanded for larger events, if need be. There are very few meeting spaces available in Riverside, we have found, and most charge well over a $100.00 per use, so Sizzler is our best option at this time.

Due to the nature of Sizzler’s food service, we recommend that those wanting to eat arrive between 6 and 7. Orders are placed at counter and paid for as you enter restaurant.  They also have a salad bar. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m., as usual.

The address is 6631 Clay Street, off Van Buren Blvd., Riverside.

The Party Parties!

DGR’s first Debate Watch Party was a great success July 30th! We packed Fusion Bar and Restaurant and were happy to have Senator Roth and Representative Takano in attendance. Our event was listed with the Sanders, Mayor Pete and Warren campaigns and a number of their supporters were there, along with fans of Williamson. Fusion’s rep was also happy with the turn-out, so we hope to host another event for the next debate in September. Thank you to all who attended!

Watch Party

ADA: Reasonable accommodations will be made. Bathroom and parking are compliant. Please contact us at with questions or concerns.


Join us at Fusion as we watch the 2nd round of the Democratic candidates’ debate! Happy Hour will still be going, so the prices on speciality drinks and delicious appetizers will be bargains. They have great meals,too! Bring friends and family as there are plenty of big screens(the restaurant will remain open to the public, so please do not engage in politicking with other customers). Stick around when the debate ends and share your impressions with your fellow Dems!