Fahrenheit 11-9 Premiere

DGR is slated to host Michael Moore’s new  film, Fahrenheit 11-9, this Wednesday, September 21st, at Regal Cinema, the Plaza.  Tickets are $14.95 snd can be reserved at


Candidates Speak at Sept. 20th Meeting

Reception for Sabrina Cervantes Sept. 29 !

Site Updates

Please browse through all our pages, not all of which are listed on the site’s Dashboard.  We have new and on-going postings and pages with information about events, recommendations for books and films, political commentary from various publications, and political cartoons.  Our newest page is “Tracking Trump” ,which looks at how the Administration’s actions are affecting the U.S. and the world.

Although the banner indicates the calendar is from May, this is a technical glitch on which we are currently working. You can see information on upcoming meetings and activities on  Speakers and Events- It’s Up to Us ! Attend- Act- Advocate