A Blue Wave Raises All Boats !

  It was a hard row but the Dems took the House!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winning candidates and their supporters!

THANK YOU to all those who fought hard races; we applaud your tenacity and dedication. You have inspired a new generation of voters and activists.

THANK YOU to  the many volunteers who donated thousands of hours, car and feet miles, text messages, and phone time to put the PARTY of the PEOPLE back into Congress, governors’ mansions, and other state, county and city offices.

Several races across the nation, including locally, remain too close to call and results to not have to be certified in some states until December 7. There may be recounts ahead, as well, so continue to be patient, say your prayers or keep your fingers crossed !

Hate Flourishes in Silence

In Memoriam to our Brothers and Sisters of Tree of Life Synagogue,

to the wounded, their family and friends, and the courageous first responders-

We will not be silent.

We will not be silenced.

We will honor you by continuing to fight for the dignity and worth of people

of all faith, creed, color, nationality, gender identity, immigrant status, and belief

because we are ALL human beings, sharing a fragile planet, and we will only survive


we   recognize that love, grief, sorrow, joy, and hope are UNIVERSAL

and embrace one another’s common humanity.

“Only love can stop hate.” Leonardo de Vinci





Walk Out the Vote for Sabrina Cervantes


DGR will be walking for votes for Sabrina Cervantes this Saturday, October 27th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with breakfast and lunch provided by the campaign.  If you are unable to walk, there are plenty of other tasks you can do to help out at campaign headquarters.  Meet at Sabrina’s district office at the address below and help with these last few PUSH days to get out the vote for Sabrina !


District Office:
391 N Main Street, Suite 210
Corona, CA 92880
Tel: (951) 371-6860

Check out new GOTV tool-Voters’ Circle


Previewed at October 18th meeting. Great way to remind friends to vote 😄👍🏻