How to Save Planned Parenthood and Women’s Rights

The attacks on Roe v. Wade and women’s healthcare are non-stop. The courts, the state legislatures, that thing in the White House… they’re all determined to take away the right of women to decide what happens to their own bodies. We need to stop them!

Planned Parenthood advocate and Corona City Councilwoman Jacque Casillas will discuss the many attacks on women’s reproductive freedom and healthcare and what we can do to help stop the onslaught.

6pm – 7pm – Write postcards in support of Erin Edwards, Ward 1 City Council candidate

7pm – 8:30pm: Meeting

***Don’t forget – fundraiser for Ward 1 City Council candidate Erin Edwards THIS THURSDAY May 9th!!!!***

Canvassing for Erin Edwards for Ward 1 City Council

Join us in walking in support of an amazing candidate! Erin Edwards has extensive experience working for and with non-profit organizations to alleviate homelessness, help children in the foster care system, and feed the hungry. She’s been endorsed by Democrats of Greater Riverside, the Riverside County Democratic Party, Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, and many others.

The location changes daily so please contact Angela Barnes @ 909-991-5677 to find out where to meet. Don’t forget sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and water.

GOTV Canvassing

The Plan: RCDP Pilot Neighborhood Leader Program
We are going to knock on the door of the voters who responded to our texts in a positive way and ask them to be a Neighborhood Leader. A Neighborhood Leader performs outreach on a micro level by talking to the registered Democrats in their immediate neighborhood. They knock on doors near election time, pass out campaign literature, and encourage their neighbors to vote.
Learn more at

Why do we think this will work?
Swing Left, Indivisible, Sister District and many other groups used the same program to help turn Orange County Blue.

Current Target: Riverside
Why Riverside? There were more voters who responded positively to our texts in Riverside than in any other city in the county, 450 in all. Riverside also has an upcoming election so we can do the most immediate good here. We need to refine our process and goals before taking this project countywide.


Erin Edwards for Ward 1 City Council FUN-draiser

We will gather at the lovely Canyon Crest Winery, located in Canyon Crest Town Center, from 6 to 8 p.m., for light refreshments, wine (or soda), and politics!

Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to Erin about her vision for Riverside and give your input.

Follow the link below to Erin’s page to learn more about her and to donate. Please let us know that you’ve made a donation by posting a comment below!

Suggested donations amounts: $25, $50 and $100.

Canyon Crest Winery is ADA accessible. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for persons with disabilities. Please call 951-394-1357 at least 48 hours in advance to make your request or for any questions, including but not limited to the program, parking, restroom facilities, American Sign Language requirements, or alternate format materials.

DGR FPPC #1417276.
Erin Edwards for Riverside FPPC ID# 1406052