The Poor People’s Campaign

Fulfilling Dr. Martin Luther King’s plan,  Rev. Liz  Theoharis, Presbyterian minister from New York, and Rev. William J. Barber II, a North Carolina pastor,  have resurrected the Poor People’s Campaign against poverty.

  • Started Monday, May 14, with rally and march on the Capitol.
  • Six weeks of planned protests and teach-ins
  • Culminates on JUNE 23rd with “mass mobilization” in D.C. at the Capitol
  • Fight against poverty will then be taken back to individual state

Why now?

  • 41 million Americans live below the poverty line, according to the Institute for Policy Studies
  • 2016, 1% of Americans held 20% of U.S. Wealth; in 1968, it was 12% of Americans
  • Organizers say if “stagnant low wages,steep rises in rents and living expenses” and government assistance programs are added in, about 43%  or 141 million Americans are actually empoverished


What is the Campaign fighting to obtain?

  • End child poverty
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Guaranteed annual income
  • Fully-funded welfare programs
  • Safe public housing for theporr
  • Repeal of Trump’s tax plan/law


As arrested protestors sang,”One jail is not enough for all of us.”     If we stand together, that is true.

(information and stats taken from Los Angeles Times‘ article, May 15,2018, by Jenny Jarvie)